55 Parkway Drive, Port Chester, NY, United States


All Souls Preschool

November 2018

This month I find is where all things start to move way too quickly for us...I just want to freeze time and enjoy all that is around us.

The children have settled in after all the excitement of Halloween and the weather starts to let us know its truly fall.

We have enjoyed lots of scavenger hunts and nature walks. The children love exploring the beauty and wonder of fall. Our arts and crafts reflect a lot of what we see in nature along with using it as our tool as well.

We are sitting for longer periods of time in class and really enjoying circle time where we can share and learn. Story time is also a favorite where the children are learning to think more comprehensively and share their critical thinking skills. 

All classes are focusing on the sentiment of the season...Giving Thanks and Being Kind. At all levels we are learning what it means to be grateful and how to be giving of ourselves. Our classrooms are decorated with all of the sweet crafts they have poured their little hearts in to. 

We had a grand Thanksgiving Feast for our snack and enjoyed sharing what we are most thankful for. We ended the month with a special day - Teddy Bear Clinic!

The children loved it! We set up stations where they had different Teddy Bear themed things to try out. It ended with a visit to our resident vet, Miss Jenny! So much fun and so cute!!

Gearing up ahead for the holidays will keep us super busy in the weeks to come!

-Gina :)